Workplace Wellness...

Healthy people are happy, productive people

Workplace wellness is an important part of the health and safety programme in every organisation. Absenteeism costs the country $1.26 billion every year!


Do you want to help educate your staff to help them perform at their best? Would knowing how to make the right food choices improve your staff’s productivity, reduce the mid-afternoon slump, keep people focused on important tasks?


Whether you work in the corporate environment or the factory floor, I have a plan to help inspire and motivate your employees make positive changes in their lives.


I can deliver workshops that can help improve staff performance, motivate your people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families resulting in fewer absentee days for your business.

Workshops and Seminars

Nutrition basics

We’ll make sure you have all the basics covered

    • Energy in, energy out
    • What to eat and when
    • What are whole-foods?
    • Making healthy food choices become a habit

Food trends and myths

    • Should I go gluten free?
    • Should I try keto?
    • Maybe I should cut dairy?
    • Do I need to cut  carbs?
    • How much water should I drink?
    • How about coffee or alcohol?
    • Do I need a supplement?

We’ll answer all these questions, and more

Increase and maintain your energy levels

    • Practical ways to stop the mid-afternoon slump
    • How to reduce your sugar dependency
    • Discovering your sleep and exercise requirements and finding time for you


Eat well at work


We’ll look at healthy ideas for lunch and snacks at work – both desk-bound and mobile staff. Need to eat breakfast or dinner at work? We’ve got that covered too



Shift worker nutrition


Let’s take a look at what you eat and your eating patterns. We can help work out how to fit these patterns within a traditional family lifestyle to ensure a good work/life balance

Smart shopping


Take a virtual supermarket tour. Learn how to read nutrition labels, avoid marketing traps, and save time and money!

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