Mood Food & Mental Health...

Boost your energy, focus, and mental clarity

More and more research is emerging that shows a relationship between the food we eat and our mental health.


Busy lifestyles are often blamed for our mid afternoon energy slump, difficulty in keeping focused on a task, or being so tired you just can’t think. We may blame our hormones for that low-mood or frequent mood swings but did you know you can change this with some simple changes in your diet? 


Choosing the right foods can balance our blood sugar levels which can help maintain our energy and mental focus. A balanced healthy diet can help reduce the mood swings and bring your hormones back into balance. 


Learn to choose foods that allow you to take control of your life, give you the energy you need to be the best version of you.

PLEASE NOTE: Nutritional consultations do not replace the advice of your health practitioner or prescribed medication for any diagnosed mental health condition. Good nutrition however, will support your wellbeing.

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