Group Consultations...

Get the facts and split the costs!

Does your family or group of friends have similar concerns? Do you need scientifically backed information from a qualified source? I don’t deal in fiction or fads, I deal with the facts.


Get together with your group and get accurate fact based information from a qualified nutritionist. You may need nutrition for pregnancy, help with fussy eaters, or good nutritious eating as a shift worker. I can help you shop for healthy food when the budget is a bit tight, create healthy lunch boxes, or plan quick, healthy and exciting meals. Or perhaps you want to know what that food label really means.


Your specially design fact-based programme is based on your group’s specific needs with topics that interest you. Each session lasts 60-90 minutes, depending on your requirements.


Group sessions have the advantage of being tailor-made to your specific needs. You can ask the questions that are

important you and get to share the cost!

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