Family Nutrition...

Give your family the best opportunity to thrive

Our relationship with food starts at a very early age so establishing healthy eating routines is important for every family.


With today’s busy lifestyle it can be difficult to create healthy balanced meals for the whole family. Juggling work, shopping, kids activities and getting a bit of time in for you, can send us to prepackaged foods with unpronounceable ingredients.


Stuck for ideas for dinner? I can help you plan and prepare meals when time is short.


Fussy eating? no problems. I can show you how to get your toddler, child or teen (or even fussy adults) to eat the foods that nourish their growing bodies and minds. 


Creating healthy meals on a budget? Let me help with that grocery shopping list to ensure you are getting the most nutrition from the foods you are buying and feeding your family.


I can also show you how to shop smarter, help you understand nutritional labels ensuring you know exactly what you and your family/whanau are eating.

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