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Your nutrition plan is designed specifically for you by me, Ranee, your qualified nutritionist.

I take into account your personal history, future nutrition goals, and your food preferences to create a plan that ensures you can still enjoy delicious, healthy meals every day.

I offer consultations at my office in Christchurch, your home, or via video call.

Gut Health

Gut health is a crucial part of overall health. From diseases and syndromes such as food intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Crohn’s disease, the right nutrition can help alleviate the pain and symptoms caused by these issues. Whether you have a known medical issue or are interested in better gut health in general, I can help tailor a plan that suits you

Recent research confirms a healthy gut contributes to a healthy mind and body. Digestive issues can leave you suffering
  • bloating
  • regular upset stomach
  • diarrhoea or constipation or both
You could be missing out on essential nutrients which can affect your
  • mood
  • immunity
  • and overall health
Learn about
  • trigger foods and which foods work best for you
  • pro-biotics
  • pre-biotics

Women’s Health

From pre-menstrual to post-menopausal, women’s bodies go through a lot of changes. Supplementing these changes with proper nutrition can help maintain strong, healthy bodies for years to come.

Weight Loss

Learn to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. I’ll work with you to create a meal plan full of wholesome options you’ll want to eat, without restrictive dieting or calorie counting. You’ll find a way to eat that leaves your body feeling nourished and energised, making it easier to stick to.

Are you confused by all the diet advice available today? Maybe you’ve tried some of them and they just aren’t working for you. It’s time to leave all that behind!   You don’t need fad diets, you need a holistic approach to weight loss.   Together, we will
  • look at you’ve come from
  • determine where you want to be
  • consider your current lifestyle
  • develop a plan
  • break down barriers
  • overcome challenges
  You will
  • develop a healthy relationship with food
  • nourishes your body
  • feel great in your own skin

Other Enquiries

For any other health issues that require a nutritionist or you’re curious about creating a wellness plan tailored to you, please get in touch.

Why should I see a nutritionist?

If you’re struggling to find a healthy way to tackle wellness or feel you have an unhealthy relationship with food, speaking to a nutritionist can be a great first step in your wellness journey. If you’ve tried dieting or other weight loss techniques with no sustainable results, a nutritionist can help get you on track with a tailored, non-restrictive solution.

How can a nutritionist help me?

I’ll be able to look at your health holistically — taking into account your diet, exercise, and any other health issues you’re facing — and create a curated nutrition plan just for you. These plans include achievable goals and changes that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle so you can stick to them and see changes.

Individual, Couples, or Group Consultations

Whether you’re tackling your nutrition by yourself, as a couple, or with your family or friends, there are plans to suit all. Discover more on my consultations page.

Workplace Wellness

Educate your staff on the importance of nutrition and help them perform their best. I offer nutrition and wellness workshops and seminars that can be tailored to your workplace.


Learn more about my pricing structure here or enquire here to discuss pricing and payment options.

Associate Registered Nutritionist

Member of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand

   Graduate Diploma Human Nutrition, Ara Institute of Canterbury

Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Biological Science) University of Canterbury