Here you’ll find a selection of our favourite family recipes. We have used some of these recipes for over 20 years and they are still favourites, some are new favourites. I hope you will give some of these a go – they really are quite delicious.

A gluten free alternative to couscous, this cauliflower couscous with herbs and spices is delicious and nutritious. Enjoy it cold in summer or warm in winter, have as a side dish or a meal. Cauliflower couscous is a winner in our family!

This is a fantastic winter meal and a great way to use up any left-over vegetables. I serve it with home made bread rolls but it’s perfect on its own. Make some extra and have it for lunch tomorrow – you wont regret it!​

These are perfect if you need a cake but don’t have the time to make one. Mug muffins are perfect for breakfast, dessert or a snack on the run. They are also incredibly quick and simple to make – so what are you waiting for!

Pasta Bake

Easy to prepare and make, this meal is ready in just half an hour. Impress your friends or family or make a special meal just for you – you deserve it!

pumpkin-carrot-feta fritter

Pumpkin, Carrot & Feta Fritters

roast yam and red onion salad

Roast Yam & Red Onion Salad

I absolutely love this quiche! It’s my go-to when I cant think of anything else. The vegetables can be changed depending on the season and what you have in the cupboard or fridge. AND it can be eaten hot or cold!

Meatballs is a regular meal in our family usually served with a jar of pasta sauce and spaghetti. If your looking for something with a bit more flavour try these delicious smokey meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.

This fantastic one-pot meal is delicious, nourishing, filled with spices but not too hot. Add the vegetables of your choice to make it unique. This recipe is bound to hit the spot for the entire family!

winter slaw

Winter Slaw

oaty apple cakes

Oaty Apple Cakes