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photo of Ranee Hearst

Hi, I'm Ranee, a New Zealand qualified and registered nutritionist

The term “straight-up nutrition” comes from my food philosophy — to keep nutrition and wellness simple and achievable. I provide sustainable lifestyle changes that will help you reach and maintain your wellness goals, allowing you to take control of your health and feel great every day. 

My own wellness journey has had highs and lows. Through pregnancy, parenthood, menopause, and tipping the scales at 100kg, I fully understand the frustration of feeling like your wellness and nutrition is out of control. The great news is, it’s not. 

With my experience working in the weight loss industry, I’ve seen tremendous success among patients who practice balanced eating. Weight loss, energy gain, mood boosts, and sometimes even a reduction in medications have been positive side effects of proper nutrition. The right food can play a key part in mind and body health. 

About the Kai tōtika Philosophy

I aim to make your relationship with food a positive one.

What you eat has a great influence on how you look and — more importantly — how you perform and feel. My nutrition advice and coaching focus on health, not weight — health is not a number on the scales.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to wellness. It takes flexibility, understanding, and non-judgmental support to help you create long-lasting, healthy habits. Working with me will enable you to feel in control of your eating. You’ll be empowered to confidently make informed choices at mealtimes, when purchasing groceries, and eating out. Eating the right food is not about restricting yourself, but rather choosing what you know will make you feel good.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. I provide nutrition advice that empowers people to develop a positive relationship with food and improve their health.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Associate Registered Nutritionist

Member of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand

   Graduate Diploma Human Nutrition, Ara Institute of Canterbury

Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Biological Science) University of Canterbury