About me...

Hi, I'm Ranee Hearst, daughter, wife, mum, step-mum, lover of food and wine, and a New Zealand qualified nutritionist*

My Background

As early as age of 10, I was conscious of my weight. From my teenage years I spent a lot of time ‘dieting’ trying to find the perfect fit for me. I was finally able to make changes that would last once I understood the importance of keeping things balanced and sticking to a plan.


Through pregnancy, parenthood, menopause and caring for others, I’ve been on my own wellness journey and I understand the physical, emotional and financial impacts that can challenge us throughout different stages of life. Because of my own experiences (I previously tipped the scales at 100kg!), I have a genuine desire to help others get well and stay well. 


I spent over 5 years in the weight loss industry helping people achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. I found it very rewarding to see the impact that balanced eating has on people’s lives. When people ate well, they not only lost weight but had more energy and their mood/mental health improved – this was true for everyone. I saw other health improvements too: reducing medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and fluid retention. So, I made the decision to follow my passion and learn more about the relationship between the food we eat and our mental and physical well-being.


I have found ways to make exercise and wellness part of my daily life – I love tending to the garden (veggies especially!), hiking, cycling and walking my dog on the beach. Whilst eating well and exercising is part of my daily routine, I am by no means a fitness fanatic. I know that living your best life is about balance and having fun – and just the right amount of alcohol and chocolate!

My food philosophy

I believe that good nutrition can change your life for the better – whether to lose weight, look and feel better or improve your mental and physical wellbeing.


What we eat has a great influence on how we look and, more importantly, on how we perform and how we feel.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. 


I like to focus on health and not weight. Healthy is NOT a number on the scales.


There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to wellness. It takes flexibility, understanding and a non-judgemental supportive approach to help you create those long-lasting healthy habits.


Working with me will enable you to feel in control of your eating. You’ll be empowered to confidently make informed choices at meal-times, when purchasing groceries, and eating out. Your relationship with food will be a positive one. Eating the right food is not about restricting yourself, but rather about choosing what you know will make you feel good.


I provide nutrition advice that empowers people to develop a positive relationship with food and improve their health.


I love inspiring, motivating and supporting people on their health or wellness journey, and making them feel good about themselves

Straight-up nutrition advice for real people

I provide simple, sustainable evidence-based nutrition advice.


You can learn to eat well to overcome various health or wellness challenges.


I love being able to change people’s lives through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Most of all I want to encourage people to take control of their own health so they can feel great every single day! 


I offer private and group consultations from my nutrition practice in North Beach, Christchurch. It’s a relaxed, welcoming and private space, where everyone can feel supported and comfortable.


 I’d love to find out more about how I can help you.

Get in touch, and let's start your journey to wellness together.

*  Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Biological Science) University of Canterbury

   Graduate Diploma (Human Nutrition) Ara Institute of Canterbury

   Member of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand, working to become a registered nutritionist